10 Pins I'm Currently Loving

Pinterest - one of my favorite go to sources for inspiration regarding art, design, home decor, fashion ... anything and everything!

Here are the 10 pins that I'm currently loving!

1. Duquesa hand painted tiles via Walker Zanger 

2. Midnight navy fringe dress via I Am Stefania (Tumblr)

3. This romantic image from Retro New York of Time Square in the 1960's

4. Bright and color rich film image via Tec Petaja (I love her simple gold band and delicate bracelet... Not to mention her beautiful, loose curls!)

5. This picturesque image of fall leaves via Friendnfoe (Tumblr)

6. Free form ceramics (with gilded edges... Swoon!) via Laura Tinsky

7. Emerson Fry's Fall 2014 Collection 

8. Gorgeous images of Scotland via Shae Fierce (Let's start packing now, shall we?!)

9. Perfect stripes via Aritzia

10. This lilac and plum combo via Wayne Tippetts

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