Studio Renovation | Before & After

Needing to renovate your work space or a room in your home on a small budget? 

See how I renovated my studio space for LESS than $200:

Renovation Project | Katherine Jury.jpg



Okay, first things first. Since all the labor for renovating my studio was free, my only cost for the project was in the supplies. 

I rummaged around and was able to find most of the items on this list; however, the paint, rollers and smaller items were purchased. Here's my list:

Studio Renovation | Katherine Jury


Once my supplies were collected, I began the project! 


What would a renovation process be without before pictures? Here's what my space looked like before any of the changes had taken place. 

Assessing the damage:

It certainly could have been worse. I was lucky to have started this project with a room with good bones, big windows, updated light fixtures and blinds in good condition. 

Studio Renovation | Katherine Jury


Step 1: Carpet Removal

Seeing that I needed the room to function as a studio, pulling up the carpet was key. My Dad (pictured below) and I cut the carpet with a utility knife, rolled it up and hosted it out of the window. 

Studio Renovation | Katherine Jury


Step 2: Carpet Pad Removal

So here's where the fun really started... The pad underneath the carpet needed to be pulled up, as well. The pad was secured in place by tack strips and staples, so we used a long handled scraper, hammer and crow bar to pop up the staples from the plywood sub-floor. 

So. Many. Staples. Check out that image of the tack strips... Eeek! 


Step 3: Clean Sweep (ponytail required)

After removing the carpet pad, tack strips and staples from the plywood, we swept up the clutter and threw it in the trash. 

Studio Renovation | Katherine Jury


Step 4: Patching Dry Wall + Sanding

There were quite a few imperfections on the surface of the walls. In order to create a flat surface, we patched up the holes and indentations using drywall mud, let the mixture dry on each spot and then sanded the patches until smooth. To complete the sanding process and in order to move on to the next step, we used a shop vac to suck up all the drywall dust.

Here are some general guidelines for applying drywall to large holes: (Boring, I know... But maybe helpful?)


Studio Renovation | Katherine Jury


Step 5: Painting (Ceiling, Walls, Trim, Floor)

Onto to the best part - the painting! With the help of Tyler and my Dad, the entire space was painted - the ceiling, walls, trim and floor (in that order). 

After MANY coats of paint, the walls were finally gallery white! Heaven on earth. 


Ta da! (After these two pics were taken by my iPhone, we opted for one more coat on the walls to make them as white as possible - and less blue). 

Studio Renovation | Katherine Jury


And before we knew it... we were finished... all for less than $200. 


With a little bit of hard work, several fresh coats of paint and a good cleaning, my workspace was transformed into a bright studio! 

After image shot by the lovely Aubrey Renee Photography

After image shot by the lovely Aubrey Renee Photography

Whew. Thanks so much to my family for ALL their help; I couldn't be more pleased with the results. 

You've seen the before and after, but I can't wait to share a TOUR of my fully furnished studio SOON! Thanks for reading!