Earthy Chestnut, Rustic Wood & Cobalt | Mood Boards

With it being November, I'm finding myself very inspired by earthy tones, nature and moody environments. 

These two boards feature the combination of warm browns, gentle neutrals and subtle pops of blue. Wishing I could live inside these photographs!


Mood Board #1: Earthy Chestnut, Rustic Wood & Cobalt

Top Left: Plum Pretty Sugar Top Middle: Stevan Alan Top Right: J.D. Doria Bottom Left: Buttered Side Up Middle: Bottom Middle: The Fresh Exchange Middle Right: Leon Bottom Right: I'm Not Wordy


Mood Board #2: Earthy Chestnut, Rustic Wood & Cobalt

Top Left: I'm Not Wordy Top Middle: Haleigh Walsworth Top Right: Whitney Hays Left Middle: Clark Brewer Bottom Middle: A Reasonably Dressed Woman Middle Right: Maja Left Middle II: Raising Romulus Bottom Left: Jessica Bosse Bottom Right: Justin Chung Photography

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