January Mood Board (Snowy White, Dark Umber, Midnight and Lilac)

Can you I'm a little fond of this snowy, blustery weather? I find the chance to drink warm coffee and bundle up in layers while temperatures drop both inspiring and beautiful! 

Below you'll find an inspiration/mood board that I created in response to all the beauty that is January! This collection of images combines some of my favorite colors - snowy white, dark umber, midnight navy and wintery lilac - for a dramatic, earthy, cozy effect.

 I hope you enjoy this board and find yourself inspired (and warm) this month, too! 

Top Left: Lisa Madigan Top Middle: Kate Bosworth (Photographer Unknown) Top Right: Caffeine Addict Middle Left: Neither Snow Calligraphy and Brook Holm Center: Gabriel Flores Middle Right: For A Minute and And North Bottom Left: Amae Taylor Bottom Middle: Arrow and Apple Bottom Right: Unknown