Parisian Neutrals | Mood Boards

Okay, okay - I can't help it! Here are two mood boards inspired by... you guessed it...Paris! 

I'm hopelessly drawn to the neutral facades of Parisian buildings, organic pottery with lots of texture, the romance of black and white images and soft blush ANYTHING!

Anyone want to book a one way ticket with me?!

Mood Board I

Top Left: EyePoetryPhotography Top Middle: NorD Tumblr Middle Right: Getty Images Gallery Middle Left: Emily Faulstich Center: LEIF & Ampliar Foto Middle Right: Anthropologie Bottom Left: Joseph Mallord William Turner Bottom Middle: Foudre Bottom Right: This Is Glamorous

Mood Board II

Top Left: Mille Top Right: Idha Lindhag Middle Left: Robert Bovington & The Mountain Laurel Center: Nastassja & Savy Design, Bottom Left: Fashion Gone Rogue, Bottom Right: Yellow Pullover

Like what you see? Me too! 

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