Vibrant Red, Bright Stone and Deep Pond | Mood Board

I'm loving vibrant red, bright stone and deep pond paired together with hints of chocolate, orange and blue. Who knew fishing and hanging laundry could look so perfect... together?!

Let's count this mood board as conclusive evidence: I'm currently dreaming of European excursions, leisurely trips to coffee shops, saturated summer hues and warm, long days spent in nature. This mood board and everything in it is drawing me in and shouting my name! What are you dreaming of? How do you dream of spending your summer?

Top Left: Scott and Ashley O'Malley Top Middle (2):, Ma Noi Due (Ph. Hoda Rostami) Top Right (2): Carrie (Polkadotted), Wish Wish Wish Middle Left: Middle: Olesya Kushnarenko Middle Right: Perspective 20 Bottom Left: Bottom Middle: Emerald Princess Bottom Right: Shoot Factory