Winter Mood Board (Rich Cinnamon, Snowy White and Coal)

Ready for the weekend? I'm very inspired by this cozy, curl up and be lazy color palette: rich cinnamon, snowy white and coal.

I love this board's combination of opposites: warm and cool, light and dark, indoors and outdoors.

Wishing I could live all of December in this beautiful world! 

Hope you have a wonderful (and extra cozy) weekend! 

Top Left: Megan Gabbard Top Middle: Viens, On s'en Fout Top Right: Design*Sponge Middle Left: Ffion McKeown and Modern Girls and Old Fashioned Men Center: MCSLittleDiary Tumblr Middle Right:Zoe Waldorf and Miguel Yatco Bottom Left:Consider the Wildflowers Bottom Middle: Kylie Johnson Bottom Right: The Saddest Landscape Tumblr