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Friday on Instagram

A few less dog treats, empty paint tubes and 10x the messiness means it’s been a pretty good week!
Wrapping up this Friday a bit early to enjoy all the beautiful sunshine while it lasts. I’m planning to visit the park, to cook a good meal and to catch up on @cwjanethevirgin with @tjury13. (Anyone else a fan?!)

I can’t wait to get back here first thing Monday morning fully fueled by all the restfulness, joy and slow living that a weekend provides.

How to Style Artwork In Your Home

Goodness, have you seen Anissa's (of House Seven Design + Build) beautiful work?

With her work and home recently featured by HGTV and Apartment Therapy, it's no secret that Anissa has mastered the art of styling. Anissa's family of five has moved several times in the past few years with two of my black and white prints joining them with each move.

Let's look at how Anissa styled two prints three very different ways - in multiple spaces over time.

1. Asymmetrical Pairings

Whether you're displaying multiple prints to create the illusion of a diptych, or you're pairing an individual print with additional wall decor or artwork, hanging a collection of work asymmetrically often leaves the vignette feeling unfussy, quirky and creative. While I'm also a fan of symmetry, displaying a collection of artwork at different heights on the wall results in playful movement and additional visual interest. 

I love how Anissa's dining room combines both balance and imbalance through the power of duos: twin pendant lights, two baskets on the table, the pairing of the fiddle leaf fig with the ladder, the pairing of similar prints, etc.

2. Curated Collections

Here, Anissa combines various fine art prints with a quirky wall hanging to create a curated collection of artwork. The gallery wall approach - with the inclusion of a 3D, sculptural object (the skull) - is particularly smart because the 2D/3D combination results in a more layered, thoughtful, visually interesting display.  

Love that woven sun hat in your closet or that vintage pennant in your attic? Pair items with special meaning, texture and dimension with your favorite pieces of artwork! 

3. Individually Displayed + Nestled in a Nook

This snapshot really boasts that sometimes, less is more. No need to craft the perfect gallery wall; often one piece, when displayed in the right space, is entirely enough.

Anissa's living room is a whimsical collection of shapes. The black and white print seems to echo the cozy rectangular nook it inhabits while the circular mirror mimics beautiful round light fixture.

The 18x24 print, in addition to continuing Anissa's repetition of shapes, works well in the nook because it occupies a substantial amount of wall space. Individually displayed works of art really shine when they maintain a considerable portion of available wall space. 

My Take Away: No Wrong Way to Display Artwork In Our Homes

Anissa's use of the same prints in very different ways reminds me that there's not just one perfect way to display artwork our homes. We can take a single print and style it in 50 unique, equally beautiful ways. Hanging pieces of art in our homes can be pressure free if we give ourselves the grace, patience and freedom to create imperfect, unfussy, creative and well-loved moments in our homes.

Did you love Anissa's style and beautiful home?! You can follow her design journey over on here and here.



Studio Window Lettering + Quote

One last detail I'd like to share from our recent workshops is this fun window design lettered by my talented friend, Hannah, of Riley + Ko

This quote is extra special to me and I wanted to share it with all attending the workshop and those who live in the neighborhood. 

"I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you're wonderful, and don't forget to make some art -- write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can." (Neil Gaiman)

Love seeing this quote each and every day - even after the workshops are over. Thinking this quote might just stay a while...