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Big Sur & Yosemite

It's been a while since I've shared anything on my blog... Oops! But that's great news.... I've been working hard to create lots of fun new products and paintings.

This morning, I'm reliving my road trip from San Francisco to Big Sur and Yosemite. There's nothing quite like the beauty of Highway 1, and I'm so glad I was able to share such a special trip with my Brother, Davis.

Here are a few highlights and extra gorgeous views from our trip that I HAVE to share. Is California not absolutely gorgeous?! 

Have you made the trip along Highway 1? What are some of your favorite coastal towns and stops along the way? Hoping to make it back to this pretty region sooner rather than later!

Thanks for following along! There's nothing better than documenting such a gorgeous place with the best little brother around.

Napa & Sonoma

During the month of June, I took a trip to California to visit my friend Brittany and her husband, Jean-Baptiste. Shortly after I arrived, Brittany and I spent an entire Saturday exploring the beautiful countryside of California. 

On our little excursion, we stopped in both Napa and Sonoma. With the sun shining and music blaring, Brittany drove me to her  very favorite wineries, gardens and dining spots... It was the perfect girls get away. 

Here are few of my snapshots from our day trip to Napa/Sonoma:  (Take me back!)

How pretty is this region of California? And how adorable is Brittany?! Talk about the perfect muse!

Wine country as told through my iPhone + Instagram:

The Coast on Film

It's no secret that with my suitcase comes a camera! This trip, I thought it would be fun to mix it up and play with film. I've always wanted to try my hand at shooting film, seeing that love how authentic, rich and special film reads, and finally worked up the courage. It is such a unique, dreamy and romantic medium... I couldn't resist! 

Below, you'll catch a glimpse of my first attempt at playing and creating with a film camera... With a little learning, lots of luck and Tyler's speedy ability to load film into the camera, I had a wonderful time shooting in a new format and spending time at the coast with my favorite travel buddy.