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Inspired By: Soft White, Warm Greens & Romantic Reds

Anyone else a Pinterest fan?! For me, Pinterest is the perfect place to collect ideas and to organize what inspires me. I use Pinterest much like a visual log or journal.

This month, I'm craving images with beautiful pops of green... I'm thinking all this snow might have something to do with that. I also am loving combinations of blush, bright red and soft white. Aren't these photos dreamy?!

Like what you see? Think you might have some things pinned that I would love? Let's connect on Pinterest!

(All image credits provided on Pinterest)

The Loire Valley

This is my final post from my trip overseas, and it might just be my favorite!

While in France, Katelyn and I visited the Loire Valley, saw the beautiful French countryside and toured several amazing chateaus. There's something incredibly magical about the countryside. Maybe its the combination of charming architecture, thoughtfully detailed landscaping and the land's rich cultural history that has me so in love.

Below you'll find a few images from our travels. Hope you enjoy them!

(Want to book a trip to France, immediately? I'll gladly join you!)

Featured in Vogue

Words can't describe how awesome it is to see my work in print. Thanks so much to Vogue UK for featuring my work and including me in the June issue. Still pinching myself!

To celebrate, I'm selling limited edition prints of my Wild Botanical painting, available only until the end of June. CLICK HERE to get one before they're gone!