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Inspired By: Turner, Constable and Monet

Goodness, these 3: Turner, Constable and Monet...

This past week, I've been spending some time digging through some art books I have lying around my studio. I think it is so important to study work you admire or work that moves you in order to grow as an artist and implement that certain element of magic into your own work. What do I love about these three artists? What captures my attention? How does this work make me feel? Answering questions like these have been key to my creative process.

The more I read, the more I look, the more I learn. After pouring over work by some of my favorite masters, I'm ready to start creating more work that speaks to me... Maybe you'll see a landscape-inspired collection debut on my site in a month or so!

What artists inspire you? How do you stay connected to the artwork you love? In what ways do you fuse your inspirations into your own creative process?