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SHOP UPDATE: New Studio Space

Well, Riley and I have exciting news: we've moved studio spaces! Our studio space is right in the heart of one of my favorite neighborhoods in Louisville - the original Highlands.

11 paint samples later *crazy, I know* and we're one step closer to moving in and opening our doors. The studio has great bones, but needs considerable work, attention and some serious love.

My first major goal for renovating the space is to CLEAN and POLISH the studio. I started by removing unnecessary items from the walls (like the electrical work shown above) and giving the space a deep clean.

So far the walls have all been painted a fresh white and the doors have been painted a moody greenish-black. I've yet to paint the floors, but don't worry, they're next!

Riley, the ultimate snoozer and hands-off project manager has been keeping me company while I work. I'm thankful for such a sweet helper!

Baby steps, right?! That's what I keep telling myself.

At first, I felt a little overwhelmed with all the to-do's and immediate needs of the space... But as I began to make more progress, *slowly but surely*, I found myself getting increasingly excited about all the neat things this space can do in the ways of sharing my artwork and fostering community.

I can't wait to begin filling these white walls with lots of new pieces and to start offering fun workshops and classes for all of our Lou friends. 

I'll be sure to report back with our progress; please wish us luck! Riley and I could use all the good vibes and help we can get!

Studios Magazine | Before & After Feature

It's so fun to see my before and after renovation project in print! Special thanks to Studios Magazine, a publication that focuses on the creative lives of artists and makers, for asking me to be a part of their Fall 2014 issue and to the lovely Aubrey Renee Fingerson of Aubrey Renee Photography  for the pretty pics of my space. 

Having my own space has been so important to my creative process. This budget-friendly renovation project was less than $200 and has really encouraged me throughout my first year of business. In need of a workspace? There isn't much that a fresh coat of paint and a little hard work can't solve!