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Valentine's Painting Workshop

It doesn't get much better than celebrating Valentine's Day early with pretty flowers, lots of paint and the ladies you love most.

I had so much fun hosting two painting workshops this past weekend and watching you create BEAUTIFUL abstract minis inspired by Rose & Honey's gorgeous floral arrangements.

Because what's a party without donuts? Aimiright?!

Wanna come paint with me?? I fully believe that we were all made to CREATE and to live a creative life. What and how we create, whether that be though using paint brushes, cooking utensils, gardening pots or keys on a piano, can be messy... It can be imperfect... Sometimes the act of trying something new, showing up and welcoming a new experience is the art itself.
One of my biggest goals for 2018 is to push myself to embrace new experiences to seek out opportunities to grow and learn.
If you’ve never really painted before or if you’re an old pro and want to get back to creating, I’d love to have you visit my studio and attend a workshop or a private art lesson. Let’s learn and grow together! Click HERE for more info regarding workshops + private workshops + private lessons.