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Valentine's Painting Workshop Video

This holiday, much like Thanksgiving, always brings me back to gratitude and thankfulness. Valentine’s Day encourages me to pause and feel thankful for all the love, kindness and goodness within my community, friendships, family and marriage.
And yes, the chocolate is great - but I love how Valentine’s Day is that yearly reminder and encouragement to be extra sweet to one another. Children exchanging handmade Valentine’s, friends making a point to gather together in the name of “Galentine’s," partners celebrating years of marriage with a special night out... It really is a genuinely wonderful time of the year.


I’m so glad this workshop gave friends and family the opportunity to experience something fun and new together.
Big thanks to @bryanstarrcinematography for this beautiful video of our painting workshop.
Wishing everyone a day filled with thankfulness for those you love most!